I am a fine art photographer that shoots on location and from a small studio inside my home.



Q: When is the best time to take pictures?

A:  Well it just depends on when the light is good, and what you want. If we are shooting indoors (either on location or my home) any time in the middle of the day is great. If we are shooting outdoors, the lighting is usually best in the early evening, and early morning. This is usually 1-3 hours before the sun sets or 1-3 hours after the sun has come up, in any season.

As far as season, any season has it's own beauty. I love fall for the leaves. I love winter for the snowy wonderland. I love late spring for the fields of flowers. I love summer for the fields of wheat, and of course warm sun. All seasons have their benefits, and set backs. Little ones don't last long in too cold or hot of temperatures, summer has lots of mosquitoes, and spring can be soggy, so when scheduling just keep it all in mind. Overall pictures can be great any time of year, if you are prepared for it.


Q: Do you do weddings?

A: YES. I do take a limited amount a year though. Email for availability.



Q: When is the best time to get Newborn photos taken?

A: The best time to get newborn pictures done, is usually within 4-12 days old. The first few days really capture the" newborn" in them, and they tend to sleep better for longer chunks of time. As far as time of day, it is usually best to try and keep them awake as much as possible before the shoot. If we take pictures during a time when they commonly sleep, the shoot will go much smoother and faster.


Q: What about babies? When is best for them to have pictures taken?

A: There are a few really great stages. Usually 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. The first is when they are belly bound and can lift their head up a little, usually around 3 months or so. Another is around 6 months or so when they can sit up by themselves for short or long periods of time. Months 9-12 are great too because usually they are not TOO mobile and we can capture some great still shots. Once they are walking they are a little tougher. So just because these are some of the easier stages to take pictures at doesn't mean that your baby is any less adorable in any other age, and all ages are welcomed.



Q: Do you give me the edited images as well as un-edited images on a USB?

A: NO. I will give you the edits that you choose from my website, on a USB or disc, edited, with a full personal print release. Each session mini, basic, or luxe, comes with a specific number of edits, and that is how many you get.  You can get more than what comes with the package, by purchasing additional edits individually for $10 each. I do not give out un- edited photos...EVER. I believe in only showing my very best work, because it is a reflection of my business and self. My very best work is edited, plain and simple:)

To see more about how many pictures come in each package, please see my pricing page.


Q: What should we wear for our pictures?



 lots of one color. ( If everyone is wearing the same color they tend to disappear into each other, and form a big blob:) 

 Too much white, or all white...(cringe....)

Too many patterns, or clashing patterns

Logos or words on clothing, especially on shirts

everyone wearing the same thing or being to matchy-matchy



use layers ( cardigans, scarves, shirts etc.)

complementing color schemes ( grey and yellow etc.)

Jewel tones always look great on camera

try to tie in colors with each other in small pops


See pinterest board here for great examples on what to wear for pictures


Q: Where should I get my pictures printed?

A: Using a professional printing company will always give you the BEST results, and ensure the best color, quality, and clarity. I work with a few wonderful professional labs. They get the product here fast, and the quality is unbeatable. The Basic and luxe sessions come with a print. More prints can be ordered upon request.



Q: How long from the time of the shoot until I get my pictures? and What is the process after a shoot?

A: From the time of the shoot, it will take a few days to sort through, and upload them to my website in a password protected private gallery. From there, after you get me the numbers of which ones you would like edited, it will take between 2-3 weeks for me to edit them. If you need them sooner than 2 weeks, let me know, but please know a rush fee of up to $50.00 may be applied.



Q: Why does it take 2 weeks to edit my pictures?

A: Because I try to spend as much time with my little girls as I can while they are awake, being a stay at home mom. So I only edit when they are sleeping. Family is first, and although I try to hurry as fast as I can to get you your pictures, I like to make the pictures look their best. I do not mass edit the photos putting a blanket edit on all of them. I take time on each photo doing fine detail editing, so that you and the picture always look the best it can. This takes time. Please understand, that because it takes a little time, means you are just getting a higher quality product.



Q: How long will my photos be available online?

A: You have up to 1 month to choose which numbers you would like, and after that if you still have not chosen, I will choose numbers for you and send you the edited images. After 1 month the photos will no longer be available on my website. Of course if you would rather me just choose numbers for you from the session I am always happy to do so. Just let me know at the time of payment.


Q: When do I pay?

A:  The amount is due at the time of your session. I accept PayPal, check, and cash. Please makes check payable to Amanda Conley. 


Q: Can I have full copyrights to my photos not just the print release?

A: I do not currently offer the purchase of the full copyright at this time.



Q:What if I refer someone? Or I am a returning customer? 

A: Both of these things are great, and you can expect a discount for coming back, or for spreading the love.


Q: Is there a re-scheduling fee?

A: yes. $15.00. Because I have to also reschedule my babysitter.




Any additional questions I didn't include here? e-mail me at:

[email protected]