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Jenn + Derrick's Snowy Wedding + Engagements

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This wedding was for a good friend. I met Jenn actually several years ago. She was a martial instructor, and was actually my first sensei:) She introduced me to Tae kwon do, and I fell in love. (currently a black / red belt. One away from black belt.) We went to bear lake for the engagements, and it was the most beautiful summer day. 

The wedding happened in the dead of winter, and they toughed it out and even took some outside photos, which turned out to be a blizzard! Jenn is so thoughtful, and when I showed up to their wedding she was still not ready, and was actually doing someone else's hair and makeup even when hers wasn't done. This speaks volumes about her I think. I am so blessed I got to be apart of their small intimate ceremony. Derrick her husband just enlisted for the army. I wish them all the best on a long, hard, and honorable road ahead!





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