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Frida Khalo Fashion Collaboration

September 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This collaboration came about after I was contacted by a hairdresser and stylist and she asked if I was interested in collaborating. She came up with this theme and we worked together on the details over a period of a few months. She came up with the outfits, and her and her sister came in and did all of the hair and makeup on the models. She really has a great eye for styling a shoot, and thought of every possible detail. The shoot was based on the artist Frida Khalo. She is such an inspiration, and it was great to work with the wonderful team we had. 

Hair, makeup, wardrobe:

Inspired takes

Erica Stallings

Laurie Shawver


Isis Rodriguez

Hannah Goulding


Model: Hannah Goulding

Fun fact... That floral backdrop was actually added in later in post production. :)

Model: Isis Rodriguez

Blue science fair poster board tri-fold from Hobby Lobby. Yes please.

Erica made this leg contraption out of parts from the hardware store. Frida Khalo had a fake leg, and often wore a high heel on it. I think it looks pretty convincing. She did a great job putting this together.



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