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Lockard Session

July 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This lovely lady and her hubby... They have had the worst luck. They were supposed to get married this last winter in NW portland/ Oregon City area. Well as many from the area know this area was hit HARD with snow this last winter. Like more than they have had in a LONG TIME. Oregon is not like Idaho. Idaho has snowplows, and things in place to remove the snow when it comes. Nothing really closes, even when it is -20.... Oregon is different. When they get snow, EVERYTHING closes.... EVERYTHING. School, stores, the highway is dead stop. So naturally when they got some snow, they were stuck. So the wedding was postponed due to nobody being able to get to it. So they tried again after it cleared up in the next few weeks, and then the night it was suppose to happen it did it again. They ended up getting married at the Rivershore hotel. It was small, impromptu, and not as they had planned, but all that mattered to them was being together. I just love love.... Love stories that even with the worst luck, they find a way to be happy, and see the positive in all of it. That is these two. They are the definition of happy. Happy in life. Happy with each other. Since they didn't get any photos from their wedding, we went back to the Rivershore hotel, and shot some photos of them together to document their happy memories there. It was hot, and we were all exhausted by the end, but like I said their happy attitude towards life made all of that seem like no big deal.  Congrats you two. Thanks for letting me be apart of your happiness. 


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