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January 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

This gorgeous girl is one of my senior spokesmodels. I was so lucky to get to work with her this year. She is fun, outgoing, sweet, driven, and smart. We got to go out to her family property for the shoot, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. She had so many great ideas, and the session was magical. It was on the verge of a major storm the entire time, but we never got rained on. At one point we were in the eye of the storm , with lightening and thunder all around us. We were in an open field, and a whole herd of horses just came over, and nuzzled right up. Although they are their horses, they run wild on the property.... I will admit I got a little teary at it all. It was just one of the moments in nature that made you feel grateful, and in awe to be alive.... Check out Cady's beautiful face below.



Wow! What a beautiful young lady! Her eyes pop right off the screen1
Viivi Nuoraho(non-registered)
Amazing photos!
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