Amanda Conley Photography | Waiting for Nightfall

Waiting for Nightfall

August 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

The idea behind this set is that this statue comes alive at night. She dances around the garden taking in it's beauty. At night the garden is hers, and she alone watches over it, and protects it. When the sun rises again in the morning, she is frozen back into a statue in whatever pose or place she is in. She is always waiting for nightfall.


Model: Amy gunter Lolofie

clay molding/ dress: Amanda Conley

We put clay right onto her skin and hair for this shoot. She was such a trooper and went with this crazy idea. Luckily she said it washed right out. Whew! I have worked with Amy a few times now, and I just love working with her. She is a dancer, and everything she does is so effortless and natural. 

It was published in Issue 6 of Conceptual Magazine! Check it out below:


Conceptual Magazine 6th issue- 5 pg. spreadConceptual Magazine 6th issue- 5 pg. spreadA 5 page spread in conceptual magazine, with my Waiting for Nightfall fine art series.


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