Amanda Conley Photography | Belle, Cruella, Esmerelda and all one model....

Belle, Cruella, Esmerelda and all one model....

August 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

This shoot! It was so much fun. I have been getting more and more clients asking me for something more creative based lately. It has been a dream come true. When I started photography 4 years ago, I began shooting everything. I just was hungry for more knowledge. I wanted to learn it ALL. As time went on I learned a lot about myself as an artist, and realized that the sessions that brought me the most joy where the styled creative shoots like this one. I went to college with Jessi. We danced together, and worked on some great dance projects together. It has been 5 years since college.... whew I said it out loud. haha. It is crazy to think it was that long ago. I miss dancing A LOT> So when Jessi contacted me about doing a creative shoot, it really got me excited. I haven't seen a lot of my dance friends in so long, it was nice to catch up. She has always wanted to work for Disney. It was her dream to be belle at Disneyland. Did you know Disney has height requirements to be a character in DisneyLand? Crazy right? but they do. Jessi and I both share vertically challenged problems and I could sympathize all too well. I am usually the only photographer walking around weddings with a step ladder.... It is either that or always shooting up the nose. 

So when she couldn't work at Disney, she made her own dreams come true. I just loved that about this shoot. She didn't let a little thing like that set her back, and she took it into her own hands, and crossed off an item from her bucket list. 

She found all the costumes, wigs, and accessories for these shots. I was so shocked how well it all came together. We shot all of these 3 characters at the same location. We found a place called The Old Rock Church in Utah. It had so much versatility, and they people there were great to work with. We started indoors, and used the reception area for the staircase, and the brides room. The natural light was so nice, but I brought a flash too. Then we moved outside for the Esmerelda and Cruella shots. It was fun to work some composites in later in photoshop, and make the images really come to life. Check her out below!:


Model: Jessi Comoletti



Lauren Gardner(non-registered)
Again you knock it out of the ballpark! My favorite one is Esmerelda dancing with the scarf. Oh man!
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