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Marie Therese

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This was a fun creative shoot as part of my descendants series. This last year I started a daughters project series. I am conceptualizing and creating shoots based around mythical, or not well known daughters of well know characters and people. I have shot the daughter or Medusa, the sandman, and now Marie Antoinette. Her name is Marie Therese. She is the only one of the 4 children that made it to adulthood. She was left orphaned, after both parents where killed. The other siblings died at young ages of tuberculosis. She lived a hard life, in exile, but married into a royal family and became a duchess later. She was never accepted by the people of France and led a life of hardships. I wanted to show that although she had a hard life she still held her head high. She achieved the title of Queen of France in 1830, although it only lasted 20 min, and she returned to a life of exile. She died at the age of 72. This editorial was based around this idea and the style of the dress was influenced by the life led by Marie Antoinette.

Callie, my model,  was my 2015-2016 Senior Spokesmodel. I love working with her and I just knew she would be perfect for this shoot. My sister found the dress for me at a thrift store in Oregon for $10!!! I know (gasp) right?!?! It had long sleeves and the lace on the sleeves was severely aged and yellowing. I cut the sleeves off not only did it fit her so much better, but it made it a little more timeless, and didn't set an age on it like I felt the sleeves did. I then bought a TON of flowers and painted them all a dusty rose colored pink. I used regular acrylic paint, watered it down and put in it my airbrush gun. After spraying over 120 flowers, I hand sewed them onto the dress one by one. 

The wig came about after A LOT of research. I forgot to take BTS photos of the making of it, but it started with a cheap yellow blonde Halloween wig. I un-stitched the entire thing one row at a time. I glued a styrofoam ball on top of the plain wig cap I now had. I hot glued a ton of cotton batting around the styrofoam ball. I then took the straight blonde wig pieces I unstitched and began gluing on small strips at a time, being sure to tame fly-aways with hair glue. I had some white looking yarn stuff in my crafting stuff I thought I would try and use over the blonde pieces to shape it and give it more of a defined look. I made a ton of curls with it and glued it all on. My hands were killing me about halfway through.... yep it was not yarn but fiberglass. Yep... I is smart. So after I had the whole thing glued and 'finished' including flowers, and even spray paint to mix colors in the wig,  I tore it all apart and restarted.  I bought some individual wig wefts on Amazon in white. They were naturally curly and it helped with the look I wanted. After tearing it all apart, I glued on the white wefts and let the curls fall naturally. I then only placed flowers in one spot on the side of the wig. I embeded a video of more BTS below that shows how I put the wig on Callie's head, and got the roots to look natural ( because that is her roots :) and sprayed it to match... I didn't show it but the brand of skin and hair paint I use is Mehron. It is a theater paint, and is AMAZING. Dries flat, and quick with no stick. It is also water resistant to sweat etc. I am in love with it, and now own every color :)

I found the wicker chair on a local online yard sale page, and sprayed it gold. I stuck flowers through the holes, and voila!

I was so fortunate to work with The Backdrop Co. for this shoot. I loved this floral backdrop and it just fit perfect with the whole theme. 

The Ivy is peeled right on the brick in front of my house. I was so lucky to be featured on the cover and in the pages of Cynical Fashion's most recent magazine. See the cover of the issue on the bottom of this post. I can't wait to submit some of these images at the fair this summer!




Cynical Fashion Magazine Cover & FeatureCynical Fashion Magazine Cover & FeatureCover image and feature in Cynical Fashion Magazine.




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