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Disco Diva

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Title: Disco Diva

Model: Isis Rodriguez

Hair/ makeup / wardrobe styling : Amanda Conley

Featured in : Wild Heart Magazine with a 12 page spread, and interview.

Special thank you to Deleta Skating Rink

This shoot was so much fun. I have worked with this model before and I would love to work with her again. She makes it so effortless. She is a natural in front of the camera, and only 18 years old. I wanted to do a fashion shoot. A fashion shoot with heavy 70's influence and vintage vibes. The roller rink was so wonderful to work with and let us come in before the skating hours started and use any of the space we wanted. They put on lights, and music and the works. We had such a wonderful time. I got it published in Wild heart Magazine, and have included some photos not even included in the spread. 

I thought of doing this shoot after doing visiting the roller rink in a local town. I fell in love with the atmosphere and vintage vibes in the building. All of the skates are straight out of the 70's or 80's, and so is a lot of the decor. I was just dying to do a roller disco shoot after spending an afternoon there. I knew this model would bring the look I wanted and I started looking for the perfect outfits. Some I already owned in my costume stash, because I hoard collect costumes :) I actually ordered a few items online for the shoot that showed up too late for the shoot, and a few that showed up completely wrong for the shoot. I originally ordered a blue afro. It was pastel blue. I wanted a disco diva. I thought that some huge hoops, her dark complexion, and a large afro would be magic. After trying the afro on her, it was all wrong and almost laughable. So instead we went with her natural hair. I used rollers, and rag ties the night before to get perfect tight curls. The next day, I tossed them a bit, and added some volume. I applied some diva tones of purple, and glitter to her eyes, and contoured her face to the max. She is already flawless, and has the most amazing bone structure. 

So yes, this sequin top is mine. I have had it since high school, and have used it SO many times for costumes over the years. Sad enough it was in my thrift store pile several times, and I yanked it out time after time. I pulled it out of the pile for this shoot, and i'll admit it is never going back to the pile. I kinda love it. It was a vintage store find over 10 years ago....( yes I have been out of high school that long haha. :)

The red shorts are actually hers, and are so perfect for this look. I ordered some blue ones, that showed up too late, and I am actually happy they were late, because these ones are so much better. I just love the little scalloped edge on the bottom.

I tried some fun new stuff at this shoot, and shot through a triangular prism. It created some interesting reflections, and flares. I loved using it. All of the flares you see in these photos are done with the prism. 

I felt like this dress fit the tones of her hair. I found it at goodwill for $6. I like the vintage vibes it had with these skates... oh these skates. 

This blue romper, is actually a dress I found at goodwill. I cut off a longer pink layer it had, and sewed it into a short romper. 

Here is the magazine feature in Wild Heart Magazine. 


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