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Shoot title: 'Slumber'
Model: Isis Rodriguez
 This is my portrayal of the Sandman's daughter, named Slumber. After years of working to bring sweet dreams to the children of the world, the Elderly Sandman had to eventually forfeit his responsibilities. Having only one child, a girl, the duty fell upon her. 
The headdress was inspired by tribal and fashion influences. Comprised of mostly dream catchers, Slumber uses the Headdress to remove the fears and nightmares, by catching them in the dream catchers. She then replaces any nightmares with sweet dreams by sprinkling sand on the sleeping child. She travels from place to place where she is needed, by dissolving into sand, and re-composing as a figure at each new place.
Making this headdress, and collar was a long process, and was made from items I had lying around the house. I took a few behind the scenes photos I will include here. I am a craft hoarder  person who likes to keep craft items on hand. The beads and lace where all items I already had. I knew I wanted it to have a tribal feel, and be all white. I didn't have all white items, so I used what I had in every color imaginable, and painted it all white later. I wanted it to be all white, because I wanted the focus to be on the model, the texture, and intricacies of the outfit. The airbrush makeup I applied was done using a lace stencil, and by fading an ombre down her face. I found some great skin and body paint HERE.
I bought a white wig online as well as some white sand. I knew these things would be the finishing touches to give the shoot the feeling I wanted. I am pleased with the way it all turned out, and am already working on my next big styled shoot. It took me about 2 months to finish everything for this shoot, and I expect it to be the same for the next shoot. I submitted this session to Conceptual Magazine about a month ago. I was thrilled to be accepted, and even more thrilled to find I was given the cover photo spot. This issue of the magazine is HUGE! 172 pages of fashion, inspiration, and truely talented artists. I am so blessed to be among them. To purchase your own copy of the magazine follow this link:
Enjoy the session below! Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the shoot, or my process.
A close up of the airbrush makeup detail on the arms...

Here is the magazine cover!
Conceptual Magazine Cover & FeatureConceptual Magazine Cover & FeatureI was given the cover of Conceptual Magazine, as well as a editorial feature, and an artist feature. Here is the necklace/collar before I painted it. As you can see, not so pretty. I knew what I wanted it to look like, and that vision kept me going. Each bead was hand sewn onto a piece of grey felt. Once I was done with it, I painted it all with flat white spray paint. I then sewed on ribbon so that it could be worn. I tried to choose beads that had interesting shapes, or texture. At first I wanted it to be symmetrical but soon threw that idea out, and just filled spaces.
Here is the finished painted costume together. I made the base of the headdress from paper mache, and molded a base for the main dream catcher. I hand made the dream catchers on the headdress. I made the circles from thick wire, and wrapped them in yarn before weaving the actual middle part. The 'fur' is actually a thick yarn that I pulled apart, and brushed out. I glued it in in small clumps all around the base. The dreadlocks, braids, and dangling beads where done individually. 


Kristine Allen(non-registered)
Truly this took great vision to put together. I'm so impressed with the talent that brought this vision together. Glad to have meet Slumber. BEAUTIFUL, EXQUISITE.
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