Amanda Conley Photography | Twelve Days Of Christmas- A series

Twelve Days Of Christmas- A series

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This was a really fun personal project I did this last Christmas. I wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas shoot, but wanted to take my own personal approach to it. I also wanted to incorporate a giveaway with each days photo. I have been really dying to do some more Rococo stuff lately. SO..... I decided to do the ' Twelve Days of Christmas - Rococo Style.' I arranged two models, and did the shots over 2 different nights. We shot 6 looks a night, and I couldn't be more excited with how it all turned out. Most of the work on these photos was done it photoshop. A lot of this choice was because the twelve days of Christmas involved a lot of live animals, and things that I either couldn't fit (or didn't want) in my studio, or did have access to.... So I used a lot of stock images, but I think it worked out in the end. I used a corner of my studio that has a large blank wall framed by two sets of long paneled curtains. I wanted to catch the curtain rods, and the crown molding in the shot because I felt like it went with the Rococo theme well. I only edited one photo from each look as that was all I really had time for to post for each day, but I look forward to editing more from each look in the future. I will include a few before and afters, and  soon a editing video I am working on. Thank you to everyone who joined in on this fun series. It was a labor of love, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I made / put together all of the costumes, wigs, and did the makeup.

To see them on instagram check out my account: amandaconleyphoto. You can also search hashtags: #amandaconleyphoto, #twelvedaysofrococo #tweveldaysofchristmasacp, #amandaconleyphotography.


Becca Ruiz!!!

So without further ado.... The 12 days of Christmas----

1.) A partridge in a Pear tree-

I got this brown dress for 3$ at a local thrift store!!!!  I made the wig for my most recent marie Therese shoot, I added a little spray of pears, and a bird.... See the before photo right below it. I had my husband hold the bird above her head, and removed what I needed in photoshop later. 

Model: Kate White

Partridge: Supplied by my husband:) He shot it last hunting season... 

Snow overlay:



2.) Two Turtle Doves

Model: kate White

Dress- remade from the Marie Therese Shoot...

Doves, chandelier, and wall molding- stock overlays

See the before and after below the photo....

Before and After:

3.) Three French Hens

Model: Kate White

Dress: I made it a few years ago, and added a coat over the top I found at a thrift store. I also found the shoes for 1$ at a thrift store.

Wig: I made it out of white hair wefts, and some cotton.

Chickens, chandelier, and wall decor: Stock overlays

before and After:



4.) Four Calling Birds-

Model: Kate White

Dress: I made it last year and was waiting to use it for a shoot.

Wig: made out of white hair wefts and cotton.

necklace: found at thrift store and painted it.....

Snow overlay:

added feathers one by one over the top of snow...

I borrowed the bird cage and small birds from a neighbor. The other birds are stock images.

before and after:


5.) Five Golden Rings

Model: Becca Lau

Wig: amazon

Flower in hair: I made it from a thrift store shirt

Rings: 5 gold arm bangles I bobby pinned into her wig.

Dress: I found for $3 at a thrift store. Wrapped it with a downeast dress, and then topped with a gold jacket I also you guessed it, found at a thrift store. 

Wall decor, chandelier: stock overlays

Before and After:


6.) Six Geese a laying

Model: Kate White

Dress: A pink thrift store find, with and Ikea curtain bobby pinned to add ruffles. 

Wig: made out of cotton, batting, and white hair wefts. I pinned in a pearl necklace. 

Collar: A ruffled skirt I turned inside out and pulled over her head....

molding: a stock overlay

Geese: My husbands hunting decoys.

Eggs: an easter decoration....

snow overlays:

Before and After:

7.) Seven swans a swimming

Model: Becca Lau

I couldn't fit 7 in, so I did one.... A LOT OF hand painting happened in photoshop on this image to create texture and shadow on the swan. 

Dress: is a top over a white dress I sewed 3 years ago. 

Wig: Made of cotton, and batting. Pinned in pearls.

Bifold collar: A paper stick in curtain window cover from family dollar

Snow Overlay:

Swan: Stock image


Before and After:


8.) Eight maids a milking

Model: Becca Lau

Wig: Made out of cotton and batting. I bobby pinned in a vintage black necklace. I tied in a sash from another dress around her pony tail.

Dress: is actually a thrift store shirt, a underskirt from my wedding dress, and a tulle overlay I sewed last year. I think this dress is my favorite.

Cow is an overlay... obviously... and the milk was there, but I only had 2 so I had the model move them every couple of shots, and I composited them together.


Before and After:

9.) Nine Ladies Dancing

Model: Becca Lau

Dress: I sewed it 3 years ago.

Sash: a long length of tulle.

Wig: Made with cotton, and batting, placed over a white halloween wig.

Painting: vintage baroque paintings of women dancing overlaid onto dress.

Snow overlay:

Chanderlier, molding: Stock Overlays


Before and After:

10.) Ten Lords a leaping

Model: Kate White

Dress: I made it 3 years ago.

Wig: White wig wefts and cotton

Wallpaper: Stock Images

Snow Overlays:

before and after:

11.) Eleven Pipers Piping

Model: Becca Lau

Dress: I made it 3 years ago, and topped it with a gold jacket I found at a thrift store.

Wig: Made from cotton, batting, and a halloween wig. 

Chandelier, mirrors, and flutes/pipes: Stock Overlays

Before and after:

12.) Twelve Drummers Drumming

Model: Becca Lau

Dress: A green top from a thrift store, and about 8 yards of green fabric draped down the front onto the floor. 

Wig: Made from cotton, batting, and a white halloween wig.

Sash: a long piece of tulle

Collar: a paper window shade folded around neck. 

 drums: Stock Overlays

Snow Overlay:

Before and after:




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