Amanda Conley Photography | Shani Seniors- A girl and her Truck

Shani Seniors- A girl and her Truck

December 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This SENIOR>>>>

We ended up booking two mini sessions instead of one big session. I loved this approach because it allowed us to capture more than one season of colors in her photos. Her family lives in this amazing little cove of a place in Idaho here. They have a farm, and TONS of land around them. We went up into the forest and shot some in the trees. She said she just goes for walks through these woods, and takes in the nature around her. What a wonderful treat her own backyard!!!! I think about all of these wonderful worlds I get the chance to step into when I meet new clients, and this was one of the little worlds I just wanted to stop and take in. The second location was around a little private lake farther up on the property. She prepared a boat, that was THE PERFECT color, and she just looked like the front of a book cover. 

As if it couldn't get ANY BETTER>.... She brought this amazing truck to her shoot. This truck has a very special story. She and her dad built this truck together from scratch! They found pieces here and there and old parts, and made them new. I saw this truck parked at the restaurant by my house for months, and just googled at it over and over. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Then I found out that it was her's and that she helped build it?!?! I couldn't think of a better story. I just loved everything about this session, and everything about this sweet senior. Thank you Shani for letting me be apart of it all. 


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