Amanda Conley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amanda Conley Photography (Amanda Conley Photography) Wed, 20 Jun 2018 02:24:00 GMT Wed, 20 Jun 2018 02:24:00 GMT Amanda Conley Photography: Blog 94 120 Kadee + Josh Wedding I recently gushed about these two after their engagement session. I was so thrilled to get to shoot their wedding photos as well. They had their first date when they were 16. You can read more about them on my engagement post HERE.

 It has been raining a lot here lately, and I almost called this shoot off due to bad weather. About a half hour before the session it cleared up and was BEAUTIFUL. It did the same thing on their wedding day too. I think these two must have all the luck in the world. We went to a local small town, and bridge. I have been here before, and wanted to try some new things, and angles with this shoot, as well as a first look. My hubby flew the drone, and we got some beautiful water shots. He is so talented at what he does, and I really do love working with him, and doing something creative together. Ill add the video to the end of this post if you want to see it! Congrats you two! 


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Kadee + Josh Engagements Get ready for picture overload. I couldn't get enough of these two. I met Josh a few years ago at our local church. I met Kadee when she applied for my senior spokemodel program the very first year I did it. I instantly really liked both of them. Josh was a funny. He played basketball, was smart, and HE HAD A MULLET....:) He claims it was a team basketball thing, but to this day I still make fun of him for it. Kadee also played basketball, and was one of the most driven, genuine, highschoolers I had met. They both served LDS missions, and then started seriously dating... each other. It is so similar to my own love story in a lot of ways, that it makes me super sentimental about them. Their first date was when they were 16. These two are the type that make you laugh and ahhhhh at the same time. They make each other smile, and laugh, and the way he looks at her is so cute. You can literally feel the love:) We started at his families house on their lake, and ended at her families farm. It was a perfect night, a little muddy, but perfect. Since it was so muddy, he literally carried her all over the place. It made for some great fun candid moments. Can't wait to share their wedding I shot last weekend soon! 

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Callie + Kirk- Mountain Love These two! I met callie about 4 years ago, when she was my senior spokesmodel for my senior rep program. She was one of my favorite seniors I ever photographed and I was SO excited when she contacted me about her wedding. She is such a kind and thoughtful person. We hiked to the top of a local hill for the formal photos. She changed into her dress up there, which was an adventure of it's own. Minus a tick, and a few snags on bushes the shoot went really well. My hubby flew our drone, and we got some really cool footage of them. I'll post the video at the end of this post. 




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Ricky + Jackie Engagements These two were so cute together. Have you ever met a couple that was just so into each other that everything they did was cute? That was them. They were always snuggling, and being so sweet. Made my job easy. I met Jackie about 5 years ago when she was a senior in High School. I taught her dance classes for a year, and it was so fun to see her grow up. I can't wait for their wedding in a few months!


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Hungerford Family This family had me laughing the whole time. This mom lives in my little town, and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I don't post very many families, but these ones made me happy.


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Jenn + Derrick's Snowy Wedding + Engagements This wedding was for a good friend. I met Jenn actually several years ago. She was a martial instructor, and was actually my first sensei:) She introduced me to Tae kwon do, and I fell in love. (currently a black / red belt. One away from black belt.) We went to bear lake for the engagements, and it was the most beautiful summer day. 

The wedding happened in the dead of winter, and they toughed it out and even took some outside photos, which turned out to be a blizzard! Jenn is so thoughtful, and when I showed up to their wedding she was still not ready, and was actually doing someone else's hair and makeup even when hers wasn't done. This speaks volumes about her I think. I am so blessed I got to be apart of their small intimate ceremony. Derrick her husband just enlisted for the army. I wish them all the best on a long, hard, and honorable road ahead!




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Gabby Seniors This girl! She booked way in advance. I met her while we were face painting together at the fourth of July celebration in town. It was part of her senior project. She showed up for her session ready to rock it. This dress, this light, this location, this girl, and that lipstick..... It was all so perfect. We had some amazing fall colors, and light. She rocked it with confidence. I am so happy I got to know her and her mom better. They are pretty amazing people. 

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Kat Seniors I have had the chance to shoot with the gorgeous Kat 3 times now, and it never disappoints. I shot her the first time when she was just a sophomore, and twice her senior year. She is fun, laid back, gorgeous, and so easy to get along with. She came dressed to wow, and we went to the most gorgeous location. Also can you say EYES?!?! They are to die for. We climbed through rocks and sage brush to some gorgeous cliffs, with the sun setting behind them. I don't remember when it first happened, but I am afraid of heights. Not all heights do it to me, but when it does... it's the same as smelling a skunk. Very real, and overwhelming. It was one of those heights that makes you a little dizzy looking at it, or maybe it's just me. I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened to me. All 3 times, were VERY high situations. The first was from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas, the second by a canyon out past Grace Idaho, and now this Canyon. I think it is a combination of awe and 'oh my gosh we could fall to our death at any moment' that it happens to me. It is overwhelming. AND exhilarating. I am in awe sometimes of the beauty this world has to offer, and feel so blessed that I get to capture it. Kat only added to the beauty of the scene, and it was def. one for the books. She went with my crazy ideas, walked barefoot and stepped on a cactus, sat in the water and made my day. We ended the session by climbing down 60 or so feet to the water. The rock formations in the river where just to die for, and I couldn't not get some on them. It took us a little time to get down there, but it was worth it. I love sessions that are adventurous, and bring out a little rush. Thank you Kat for sharing this with me!


Also a photo of kat from the session was chosen to be featured in Senior Style guides 2017-2018 Hot 100 list. It is a list of the top 100 senior photographers and photographs from around the globe. She really did kill this session, show her some love, and check it out.  


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Mckenna Seniors This senior session is one I will never forget. She came early, and we did her hair and makeup. It was fun, and we listened to all sorts of new music on pandora. We went out into the most perfect evening light, and drove half and hour to a beautiful spot by a river. I got her all posed, and went to press the shutter.... and nothing. My camera wouldn't turn on. Yep. I forgot my battery charging on the wall at home. Face palm to the face.... HARD. I may or may not have gotten emotional because it was 3 hours in the making, and I was screwing it all up. To top it all off, she had homecoming that night, and there was not going to be more time needed later, and the sun was setting faster and faster. SO after I got my shiz together, we hopped in the car and raced back to Soda Springs. My hubby raced back to meet me by the reservoir. He brought me the battery, and we scratched any plans we had of shooting by that river, and I opened my mind up to the new possibilities of the reservoir instead. She was so positive through my crazy emotions, and it turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. The light was so soft, and warm, and perfect. SHE WAS PERFECT. She was real, and talented, and perfect. We ended the night back at my studio with her gorgeous prom dress. I had such a great time getting to know her better.... and without further adeu.... Here is Mckenna. One of my favorite senior sessions ever.  



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Byu- Idaho Seniors- Sojourn Every chance I get to work with dancers is such a thrill. These dancers did not disappoint. This shoot was at BYU-Idaho this last semester. Their theme for the show was Sojourn. They wanted to show that this is only a small part of the overall journey, so we did some levitation shots to try to illustrate this idea.  The ones in the hallway like the one just below are barely edited. The large window at the end of the hall was a perfect frame for the dancer, and the light was incredible!

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Blades Salon When I recently work on the Frida Khalo shoot, I contacted a local salon owner about using her space. She was awesome and let us use the whole salon for the models, and getting ready. After the shoot, She asked if I would be willing to take new updated headshots of her employees. I jumped at the offer, and we had the best time. A bunch of fabulous ladies, who have a knack for hair and makeup??? Yes please. They all ROCKED it. Seriously they made my job easy. 

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Dylan Seniors Two senior guys in one week?!?! How is this happening. haha. I found out they are actually really close friends, so that is how they both found out about me. It was a treat to work with them both. I love being able to show off the stuff each senior cares about. 

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Mason Seniors I don't get to shoot senior guys very often, so this was a welcomed treat. They are so laid back. Anyone else agree, seriously so so easy!

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Karly + Taylor Save the date mini I just love love. I crave those old timey romance novels, the regency ones. I just picked up ' A drop of Gold' from my local library, and I can't wait to get started. My favorite one I have read lately is Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson. IT IS PERFECT. One of those books you can't put down, and re-read over and over. I think that since I grew up close to the beach, that the imagery in the book really spoke to me. I could hear the seagulls, here the waves, smell the salt in the air. I think that is the biggest thing I miss about Oregon. Well and of course family ;) But seriously. The lakes here in Idaho are beautiful, and I love them for different reasons, but the beach. It will always be so important and special to me. If you have not read it, I highly suggest it. What books are you reading right now?

Anways.... Love... That is where I was going... These two. They drove about an hour to come get photos taken, and once they got here it started snowing HARD. Like can't see in front of you ten feet hard, with fast freezing wind. So, at the very last minute we opted to move the shoot inside. We went to the local hotel, and made the best of it. I think these two are just so cute. We ended the session with some warm coffee in the diner attached to the hotel. It was the perfect warm ending to a chilly day. 

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Frida Khalo Fashion Collaboration This collaboration came about after I was contacted by a hairdresser and stylist and she asked if I was interested in collaborating. She came up with this theme and we worked together on the details over a period of a few months. She came up with the outfits, and her and her sister came in and did all of the hair and makeup on the models. She really has a great eye for styling a shoot, and thought of every possible detail. The shoot was based on the artist Frida Khalo. She is such an inspiration, and it was great to work with the wonderful team we had. 

Hair, makeup, wardrobe:

Inspired takes

Erica Stallings

Laurie Shawver


Isis Rodriguez

Hannah Goulding


Model: Hannah Goulding

Fun fact... That floral backdrop was actually added in later in post production. :)

Model: Isis Rodriguez

Blue science fair poster board tri-fold from Hobby Lobby. Yes please.

Erica made this leg contraption out of parts from the hardware store. Frida Khalo had a fake leg, and often wore a high heel on it. I think it looks pretty convincing. She did a great job putting this together.


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Baby Steely I was so excited to meet this little one. This is how I get my baby fix in, since my littles are growing up, and fast. Steely. Isn't that such a unique and cute name? Big sister Presley was adorable herself, and was so good with her baby sister.

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Moonstixx product shoot I got the chance to work with an alternative clothing company called Moonstixx recently. The fires have been crazy around this part of Idaho, and it left the most beautiful haze and smoke in the air. We went up to some rooftops, and some parking garages, and took advantage of the last bits of the summer light. Isis, my model, rocked as usual. I have really come to love this girl, and have gotten the chance to work with her often. Check out the shirts below. They make pretty unique stuff, and look forward to working with them in the future again. 

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Lifestyle Newborns at the Cole house My new favorite thing is these lifestyle in home sessions I have been doing a lot of. This session took place in their home, and it worked perfectly. They wanted newborn photos. They wanted some with dad, mom, and their first babies, their two dogs. We opted for a newborn in home session and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. They had this beautiful kitchen with tons of natural light, and a gorgeous hardwood floor. We set up in there, and got some candid shots, as well as posed newborn shots with my studio light I brought. The dogs were happier in their own enviroment, as was this adorable little guy. Check it all out below!

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Madison Seniors This gorgeous gal is already graduated too! Time is flying. I loved this session. It was different than most sessions I get to do. This senior wanted all industrial looks, and had a really cool idea to shoot on the stage in the auditorium of her high school. She is big into performing, and thought that it would be a perfect way to show that off. Her mom works at the high school, and we were able to go in after hours, and play around with the stage lighting and get some really unique stuff. Then she braved the cold and snow for a few cross country uniform shots. It was a great shoot, and can we just talk about her hair for a minute...?!?! GOALS.

Congrats on graduation Madison! Good luck with college!

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Up your color toning game with this one trick in post processing. My latest editing video! I go over compositing briefly but then I share how I got these beautiful green tones, and without actions!



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