Photo cred. Heather Carey Photography

Wife. Mom. Artist.

I live to create. Without a doubt my most important and loved creation is my kiddos. They inspire me, drive me, and make me laugh on a daily basis. My little family has grown to love and call Idaho home, but I have an itch for travel, and there so many places of this beautiful world I am DYING to see. I grew up in Portland Oregon, and try to visit often. Growing up with the diversity and open minded thinking found in Oregon, I like to try weird and new things with my art.

Yes, I am weird. I know that, and I embrace it.

I am always looking for the next project, inspiration, and thing to try. I enjoy making most of the clothing, props, and backdrops in my photo shoots. Seeing an idea come together, and working on it from conception to the end photo or video is SO rewarding for me. I collect inspiration from my family, fashion, nature, music, art, and stories to name a few. I am known to climb a fence, tree, or lie in dirt to get the shot.

With the support from my amazing hubby, I literally shoot every chance I can, for both myself and for clients. I like to laugh, often too loud, and often at the wrong times. I like chocolate more than I should, and I am known for dancing in public. My love languages are blue symphony bars, cinnamon bears, and sleeping in.

I picked up my camera and started a business 5 years ago. I majored in Modern Dance 6 years ago. So naturally movement is crucial for me, and often times I see shots as a series of  movements. Video is something I recently have fallen in love with, and I feel like it is the perfect culmination of all of my passions in one medium. I can't wait to expand my video portfolio this year. My first passions are fashion and love. I'm a romantic through and through, and enjoy shooting many couples from all over. I take lots of different sessions each year, and am open to try just about anything, shoot me an email and lets create something bold and creative. ART.



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