Graham Formal Session

December 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This was my first time shooting on the Salt lake temple grounds, and it was so lovely. It was on a warm summers day, and the light couldn't have been prettier. There was a lot of people around, which is expected, but did make the editing a little tricky... Lets just say that these photos may look like they had the whole place to themselves, but it was packed... Another thing we were not planning on was that the temple grounds were closed for cleaning. We couldn't get any closer than the gate. We had planned to shoot all around the doors etc, so shorten time on the actual temple day. So we improvised, and got some really unexpected and beautiful lighting and shots. I had never done a first look before the actual wedding day, and it was so sweet to see this grooms reaction. I can't wait to share their wedding day with you soon!



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