Little Mayslee turns one!

June 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So I don't know what says celebrate like a good old cake smash:) Here are a few shots from  the fun we had yesterday. Little Mayslee was all smiles, and cuteness as usual. I was so excited to take pictures of her again,  and this time she is turning one! She was a very careful eater, being very lady like:) I don't blame her though, with all of the work that her mama put into making her cake and tutu, who would wanna mess it up? Shout out to Mom for being plain awesome<3

Mom made the giant cupcake and it was so cute and just the perfect size. (I would be lying if I said I didn't lick the frosting off that got on me during the shoot... and it really was SO good.) It actually made me crave a little for myself ( oh pregnancy cravings:) Not only did Mama make her cake, but her outfit too. It was frilly, and girly, and just right. Something that I thought was super clever, was how she went about making it. She had saved some pieces of tulle from a baby tutu she had from when M was a newborn, and added it to the longer strips for this one. She also saved pieces of ribbon, and tulle from gifts from her baby shower for Mayslee, and added it too. I thought this was such a good idea, and wish that I had thought of it. I love little stories like that, and how there was a little piece of history in her outfit, and where it came from. Way to go mom. Enjoy the adorable Miss Mayslee below! Happy birthday little one!








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