Amanda Conley: Blog en-us (C) Amanda Conley Photography (Amanda Conley) Sun, 30 Jul 2017 20:06:00 GMT Sun, 30 Jul 2017 20:06:00 GMT Amanda Conley: Blog 94 120 Lifestyle Newborns at the Cole house My new favorite thing is these lifestyle in home sessions I have been doing a lot of. This session took place in their home, and it worked perfectly. They wanted newborn photos. They wanted some with dad, mom, and their first babies, their two dogs. We opted for a newborn in home session and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. They had this beautiful kitchen with tons of natural light, and a gorgeous hardwood floor. We set up in there, and got some candid shots, as well as posed newborn shots with my studio light I brought. The dogs were happier in their own enviroment, as was this adorable little guy. Check it all out below!

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Madison Seniors This gorgeous gal is already graduated too! Time is flying. I loved this session. It was different than most sessions I get to do. This senior wanted all industrial looks, and had a really cool idea to shoot on the stage in the auditorium of her high school. She is big into performing, and thought that it would be a perfect way to show that off. Her mom works at the high school, and we were able to go in after hours, and play around with the stage lighting and get some really unique stuff. Then she braved the cold and snow for a few cross country uniform shots. It was a great shoot, and can we just talk about her hair for a minute...?!?! GOALS.

Congrats on graduation Madison! Good luck with college!

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Up your color toning game with this one trick in post processing. My latest editing video! I go over compositing briefly but then I share how I got these beautiful green tones, and without actions!



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Lockard Session This lovely lady and her hubby... They have had the worst luck. They were supposed to get married this last winter in NW portland/ Oregon City area. Well as many from the area know this area was hit HARD with snow this last winter. Like more than they have had in a LONG TIME. Oregon is not like Idaho. Idaho has snowplows, and things in place to remove the snow when it comes. Nothing really closes, even when it is -20.... Oregon is different. When they get snow, EVERYTHING closes.... EVERYTHING. School, stores, the highway is dead stop. So naturally when they got some snow, they were stuck. So the wedding was postponed due to nobody being able to get to it. So they tried again after it cleared up in the next few weeks, and then the night it was suppose to happen it did it again. They ended up getting married at the Rivershore hotel. It was small, impromptu, and not as they had planned, but all that mattered to them was being together. I just love love.... Love stories that even with the worst luck, they find a way to be happy, and see the positive in all of it. That is these two. They are the definition of happy. Happy in life. Happy with each other. Since they didn't get any photos from their wedding, we went back to the Rivershore hotel, and shot some photos of them together to document their happy memories there. It was hot, and we were all exhausted by the end, but like I said their happy attitude towards life made all of that seem like no big deal.  Congrats you two. Thanks for letting me be apart of your happiness. 

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Lexi Seniors Can't believe this sweet girl is already graduated! She was so much fun to have around this last year, and I have gotten to know her a little better. She is a fighter, thoughtful, compassionate, talented, loyal, and as you can see BEAUTIFUL. We will miss you Lexi. Have fun in College!

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Wangemann family These cute kiddos! I just adore them. We recently saw them in the fourth of July parade, and my kids were so excited that their very own friends were throwing them candy! We are about to shoot their 2017 family photos in August... if that gives you any indication how behind on blogging I am. In my book, late is better than never.  So here is the beloved Wangemann Family. 

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Hunzeker Grandkids Since I am finally back on the blogging train I am going way back:) I shot these cute little kiddos earlier this year. Grandma wanted some new photos of all of her grandkids. It was fun to have them all together for photos. They had the cutest little Easter outfits, and were more than happy to pose. We ended up eating a lot of marshmallows during this session, but it was so worth some of the cute expressions these cuties gave me. Check it all out!


Funny little fact... The photo below took 5 photos to make... I swapped every head, and had to add in some background... Not everything is always as it appears:)

All the girls together...

That little one thought.... She is SO expressive. 




This was him showing me his muscles and tough face:)


No marshmallows in the world were going to make her happy at this point... She was done hahaha. 

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Callie Mae Newborns This little babe... She has more hair than any other newborn I have ever met. Big blue eyes, dark long hair.... such a pretty pretty baby. Her daddy works with my hubby, so it was an extra treat to get to include them in the shoot as well. This family is always thoughtful, and caring of others. Glad to have them in our lives. 


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Dalton Family This was one of my few sessions that I had while in Oregon. We met Jon while he was serving an LDS mission in Wilsonville OR after the hubby and I just got married. We left for school in Idaho, and about 6 months later Jon and his new wife showed up at the same school. We hung out a few times, and him and my hubby even did the Police reserve program together at Rigby Police Department. They are now back in the area, and when we were in Portland Oregon it was such a treat to meet up with them, and catch up. Their little guys are full of energy, and so stinkin' cute. I tell you what though P- town has ENDLESS location possibilities that I LOVE......


Check out their warm summer session below!



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Naomi Seniors Finally got around to blogging this awesome girls fall senior session. Isn't her dog so cool. I was excited when she wanted something a little different for her session. Between the dog, rock climbing, and ukulele, it was a fun time. I had the best time, with her, and have loved getting to know her more over the last year. Sad she will be leaving so soon, but excited for her to experience college just the same! Good luck Naomi!

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Fairy Shoot This fun shoot came about, after mom wanted to do something magical with her daughter. After a few hours of setting up my living room was transformed into a fairy sanctuary, and we just had the best time. The only downside was I ripped paint off my ceiling trying to get the plants I taped up there off. Now to patch, patch, patch... Check out the fairy goodness below!

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2017 Shoot and Share Contest- What I learned & my favorites  So these last few months, I entered the 2017 Shoot and share contest. I heard about it last year, and missed the deadline, and was so bummed. I entered in time this last year. Although I didn't place in the top 20 in any of the categories, I feel that this whole experience was so great. After you enter up to 50 photos, it is opened to public, anonymous, voting. While voting I did see a few of my images, and some friends would screen shot mine when they saw them and send them my way. Other than that, I had no idea how I was doing throughout the eliminating. There was around 325,000 photos enter from around the globe! I had no idea when I entered this that it was so big. While voting, I saw so many wonderful artists works, and it made me want to be better. It made me want to push myself this year. It opened my eyes to how much talent there is out there. I think it is easy to get caught up in our own bubbles, with what we as artists are doing.

To see what is going on in the world around us as artists, not only pushes us to be better, but makes us appreciate more. Don't get me wrong it is easy while doing this to compare. It is easy to feel defeated, down, and not good enough. I have often times looked at other artists work, and although I admire it, it makes me feel like my own work can't compare, and I start to doubt. I heard a quote recently that is not a new quote, and has been around forever, but it really did resonate with me. 

" Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt 

 When we compare our work in a negative way, we let ourselves think on this downward spiral. Where there should be joy in looking at someone else's work and what they were able to create or inspire with, that comparison becomes jealousy, and ultimately yields no joy. I tried to remember this when participating in this contest, and viewing other artists work. I found myself feeling more inspired than I have in forever. It prompted and challenged me to view things differently while doing my own work, try new angles, locations, editing, everything. I feel like I have this constant struggle between staying true to my brand and feeling in images, and trying new different things. I have come to the conclusion that my brand doesn't have to be defined by one color editing choice, or styling choice. I don't want to be a one trick pony. I want to create art that evokes emotion, love, dreams, fears, real life, and lives we could have never imagined. So my work may change over the years, it may not, but one thing will be constant... I will create based on my inspirations, and passion..... Because I think without passion we are not pushing ourselves to be better daily. I want to be always moving forwards.....

Ok enough deep rambling...... I thought I would share a few of my personal favorites of other peoples work from the contest. Some of them won, and some didn't, but these are a few of the ones that left me in awe.. I have gone and followed these amazing artists work and if you want to be inspired I encourage you to do the same!!!!


So many amazing photos right?!?! and this is just a handful. It is humbling to say the least.


Ok, ok, I will let you know how I did now.....I was pleasantly surprised with some of my placings, and am so grateful for this whole experience. They had 12 rounds, and eliminated photos between each round. I know this will sound cheesy, but I really do feel like I have won, because I gained so much from this contest, and feel like I have grown as an artist. 37 of the 50 I submitted placed in the top 30% or higher. Check out the details below. I am looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who put it on!



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Welding shoot This girl!!! I met her when I was shooting her wedding about a year and a half ago. She asked me in January if I would be up for a fun themed shoot with her. I jumped at the chance. She wanted to take some fun photos for her hubby, who is a welder. She said sneaking around him so he wouldn't know was harder than she thought haha. She snuck his gear into her car, and we met at a local car shop of a friend. Katherine works on cars with her dad for a job anyway, so she is no stranger to this atmosphere, and it was a good thing she wasn't. I was clueless when it came to what would look realistic as far as posing, and tools. She knew it all, and I learned a bunch that night about welding. She is just so stinkin gorgeous, I could have taken pictures all night long! We had some fun, and her hubby loved them... best part, she is pregnant with their little girl in these photos. About 8 weeks..... You wouldn't know it by looking at them though.... and you still wouldn't know at 20 weeks if you saw her in person. They are going to be rad parents. Check out our session below.



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Trendy & True 2017 This is my third year working with Trendy and True dresses. I just love Keshia, the owner, so much. She always makes the girls and myself feel so loved and appreciated. Keshia started this company a few years ago in her house! She worked her way up and now has a store in Pocatello Idaho. She offers modest dress options for baptism, formals, choirs, and bridesmaids. She works hard, and it shows. She puts 110 % into what she does, and it is that passion that I admire so much. Not everyone you meet and work with is so passionate, or driven. It is refreshing when you find someone that is, and it makes you want to work hard for them, and bring their vision to life. If you are interested in learning more about her here is her website:

or you can visit in person at:

387 Yellowstone Ave. Pocatello, Idaho 83201


You can also see a video from our shoot below:


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Jenn Theater Headshots Jenn met with me because she needed some up to date headshots for upcoming theater auditions. I had so much fun going around our little town and getting some fun fresh shots for her. Check out her gorgeous face below:)


Jenn met with me because she needed some up to date headshots for upcoming theater auditions. I had so much fun going around our little town and getting some fun fresh shots for her. Check out her gorgeous face below:)

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Graham Wedding I realized I never blogged this beautiful wedding I got to be apart of last year. They are just some of my favorite people, and it was such a treat to be apart of their big day. They got married at the Salt Lake temple, and then had their reception here in Soda the next day. I was able to have my good friend Valeria come and second shoot with me, and it was so fun to spend the day with her laughing, and enjoying ourselves. It was a day for the books for sure. Beautiful weather, and an even more beautiful couple. Congrats Danielle and Jasen!!




I realized I never blogged this beautiful wedding I got to be apart of last year. They are just some of my favorite people, and it was such a treat to be apart of their big day. They got married at the Salt Lake temple, and then had their reception here in Soda the next day. I was able to have my good friend Valeria come and second shoot with me, and it was so fun to spend the day with her laughing, and enjoying ourselves. It was a day for the books for sure. Beautiful weather, and an even more beautiful couple. Congrats Danielle and Jasen!!



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Nate Newborns Baby Nate was such a dream to work with. She came a little early, and was so small and adorable. She slept most of the session, and if she wasn't asleep it didn't seem to matter. She was just as happy being awake. We got a great combination of really girly shots, and some fun pops of color. It was a treat since I got to do big brothers newborns too. Love this little growing family!


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Ally Seniors This senior! She is so fierce! I had a great time at a few local spots with her. She is laid back, and knows what she wants. She is graduating this spring, and ready to take on the world! Check out her beautiful session below!

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Cheyenne Seniors This girl!!!! She is model material I tell you what! When did seniors start looking like this? We went to a local park, and captured some fall colors, and then headed back to the studio for some prom dress shots. I had so much fun with this sweet girl. Lookout for her in the future, she is sure to go far!!!! I can't wait to have her model for me!

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Cady Seniors This gorgeous girl is one of my senior spokesmodels. I was so lucky to get to work with her this year. She is fun, outgoing, sweet, driven, and smart. We got to go out to her family property for the shoot, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. She had so many great ideas, and the session was magical. It was on the verge of a major storm the entire time, but we never got rained on. At one point we were in the eye of the storm , with lightening and thunder all around us. We were in an open field, and a whole herd of horses just came over, and nuzzled right up. Although they are their horses, they run wild on the property.... I will admit I got a little teary at it all. It was just one of the moments in nature that made you feel grateful, and in awe to be alive.... Check out Cady's beautiful face below.


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